Open Access

Volume 1 (2014)

1.Finite Element Analysis of Buried Continuous Pipeline Subjected to Large Ground Motion.
Vasudeo Chaudhari, Venkata Dilip Kumar P, Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar

2. Moho Depth Variation in Shillong-Mikir Hills Plateau and Its Adjoining Region of Northeastern India Estimated From Reflected and Converted Waves.
Dipok K. Bora, Saurabh Baruah, Rajib Biswas

3.Active Tectonics of Western Continental Margin of Indo- Pak Craton -Stress Source for SCR Earthquakes.
S. K. Biswas

4.Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of Seismic Induced Radon-222 Time Series.
Chiranjib Barman, Hirok Chaudhuri, Debasis Ghose, Argha Deb, Bikash Sinha

5.A Preliminary study on anomalous atmospheric pressure changes during seismic events over the Kachchh region, Gujarat, India.
Parul C. Trivedi, P.I.Patel, M.J.Vala, H.P.Joshi

6.Seismotectonic Investigations for Siting of Nuclear Power Plants, Assessment of Design Basis Ground Motion and Tsunami Hazard.
B.K. Rastogi and A.G. Chhatre

7.Seismicity and Earthquake Hazard Studies in Gujarat.
Dr.B. K. Rastogi

Volume 2 (2015)

1. Investigating the Effect of Spatial Distribution of Seismicity on Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Results.
L.R. Pattanur, I.D. Gupta

2. A Proposal on the Simplified Structural Evaluation Method for Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings Based on the Japanese Seismic Evaluation Standard vis-a-vis the International Seismic Code.
Matsutaro SEKI

3.Reducing earthquake Losses: A Lesson from Kachchh Experience.
Dr. Anand Swarup Arya

4. Tsunamigenic Vulnerability on East Coast of India.
Arun bapat

Volume 3 (2016)

1.Geophysical Evidences for Palaeochannels and Possible Sources of Groundwater: A Case Study from Kachchh Region, Western Peninsular India.
B. K. Rastogi, Girish Ch. Kothyari, B.Sairam, G.Pavan Kumar, Vandana patel, O.P.Goswami and Narang Prajapati

2.Salient Aspects of the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha Nepal Earthquake in Central Himalaya.
B. K. Rastogi

3.A Report on Mw 6.7 Manipur Earthquake of January 4, 2016.
B. K. Rastogi

4.Study OF Aftershocks of Gorkha Nepal Earthquake OF 2015.
B.K. Rastogi and Parul Mittal

5.Seismicity of Indian Stable Continental Region.
B.K. Rastogi